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Your website is an introduction to you – personally and professionally...

That’s why we work directly with you to design a style that is uniquely yours - no images or photos that give a false impression - a website by Accountable Designs will reflect your personality and approach.  Not feeling creative?  Don't worry!  We'll help you through the process of developing a website for advertising and marketing your business that's perfectly suited to you!

We invite you to call us toll-free for a no obligation consultation  1.800.284.4662


Your website includes a handcrafted design, rich in content, with simple clean graphics to introduce you and your services.  Our basic website packages consist of a single page, however, your site can be expanded to include multiple pages.

We consult with you throughout the entire process of creating design, layout and content.  Your site can include copy you've prepared, graphics, personal photos, company and other logo(s) or other established marketing materials already being used by your business.  Starting fresh?  We'll handle all the details from scratch including design, layout and descriptive text.  A draft of your site will be made available privately for your review before being published.  A new site generally takes five working days to complete.  (NOTE: We will not use copy or graphics from any source which may carry a copyright.)


Your website will be developed using key phrases and meta-tags geared toward your audience, services and location.  Optimization is designed to improve your site's placement * on the major search engines and directories - Google, MSN and Yahoo.


Our basic web site package includes complimentary initial consultation, two-page site design, licensing fee,  a full year of hosting, purchase of a domain (private-label domain names are subject to availability), two personal email boxes ( with web-based and POP3 access, and complete setup of your new email service.  More comprehensive site features are available for a set fee or hourly rates.  See our pricing page for details.

In addition, your website will be listed on, the Internet Directory of Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Professionals – with an average of 60,000 visitors per month.


Whether you start with a new domain name or use an existing one, we ensure that YOU retain ownership. Our access to your domain name is strictly for development and maintenance.

Website package includes one full year of site hosting and support - no monthly fees! Costs for website changes are based on complexity of work.  Changes are charged by the hour and an estimate is provided at the onset of each project before work commences.  Please contact us if a change is needed.

Accountable Designs is privately owned and operated by Jim and Cheryl Berry ( We work directly with each of our clients and make ourselves available via toll-free customer support, Monday through Friday, 10am-6pm ET, anytime by appointment and always by email.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your Internet marketing needs, ideas and questions!  Simply contact us.

* Despite claims you may have heard, there can be no guarantee of top search engine placement, unless using a pay-per-click or paid placement method. This is because the search engines control the content they display.  Our service provides smart keyword selection, meta-tag development and site design that can greatly increase your website’s chance to appear highly in search results that are relevant to your business.
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