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~  February 2006 - We apologize that Accountable Designs is currently not accepting new contracts.  Please check back at a future date for updates on our design schedule and openings.  Thank you. ~

Since your time is valuable, our complimentary consultation is always scheduled at your convenience.  Request a proposal using our online form below, OR  send an email to schedule a consultation appointment and we'll call you at your preferred time, OR call us at 1.800.284.4662  (10am to 7pm ET) and we'll answer any questions about our service, and present ideas to get you started.  It's that easy!

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Information provided here assists us in expediting a proposal for a custom web designed for your business, and is in no way binding or final.  All proposals require approval prior to commencing work and proposals are complimentary - ALWAYS!  We appreciate your interest in our web design service and the opportunity to serve you.

Cheryl and Jim Berry
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Custom web sites for Accounting,
Bookkeeping and Tax Professionals



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